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The  30 Day Body Club

30 day workout programme, 6 real-time body-weight workouts, nutrition diary reviews and 30 days worth of recipes. All for $97.

The 30 day body club: whats included,

30 Day Workout Programme

6 Real-time workouts from Coach Edward Young

Online Coaching Support

30 Days worth of delicous recipes

Nutrition Diary Reviews

One Simple Step

1. Fill-in Questionairre

Fill in our lifestyle, nutrition and health questionnaire and we will write a personalised 30 day movement and nutrition plan.

Fill in questionairre

Why it works?

We write an individual specific 30 day workout programme based on your weaknesses, your goals and the things you enjoy doing. Full-body circuits and HIIT workouts designed to rapidly increase you aerobic fitness, burn calories and raise your metabolism throughout the day. Our ethos on recipes is to use scientifically proven methodology and easy to cook meals to make improve your body and health.

Allow coach to work around your barriers to a stronger you.

Allow coach to do the planning while you live your life

Get outside and gain phsyical and psychological benefits

Raise your metabolism throughout the day

Reinforce better nutritional habits with easy-to-follow guidelines

Find workouts and activites you enjoy 5 x per week.

Fill in questionairre