Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow Workout

Key Exercises in this bodyweight workout



A very good exercise to ground the upper body and allow freely moving movement of the lower body. The raised hand progression adds control in the core and improves the connection between the lower and upper body for a great start to your bodyweight workout.


Half Arch

An advanced bodyweight workout exercise. Great for full extension of the body raising the hips high and also extending the thoracic area of the spine. The control needed strengthens the body in a fully extended position.


Bear Walk

Bracing the spine in a neutral period, the bear walk, is all about control. Each step should be silent with the whole body under complete control. Key technical cues for the bodyweight workout exercise is to not rotate the hips and keep them parallel to the ground.



Strengthing the shoulders through a very dynamic movement the key is to land softly and silently and try to slow the body down just before ground contact. In order to achieve the higher chimpanzee the hips must pass directly above the shoulders with the arms straight.


Dragon Walk

The dragon walk puts the hips in a extremely internally rotated position creating an adaptation of strength but also a dynamic test of mobility.


Inch Worm

Hamstrings stretched and worked dynamically. As you work on your hamstring flexibility the positions become easier but you must always strength improved flexibility. The inch worm is perfect.


Dragon Crawl

A very tough bodyweight exercise of which one side of the body is always stretched and the over is short and compact toward the torso. Each step the side switch. One long, one short. The front arm must stretch very far away from the body and land in a soft position, elbow straight.


Frog Jump

Great for dynamics mobilizing the squat position and improving balance in the squat position.


Duck Walk

Dynamic ankle mobility performed easier outside on softer ground. Used by the British Marines to test ankle health and ability to withstand the volume of training.


Lizard Lunge

Upperbody rotation in a lunge position improves rotation of the spine, particular the thoracic region, and mobility and strength at the hips.


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