Beach Body Workout 3

Beach Body Workout 3

Chimpanzee High x 20

The switcheroo provides an amazing full body exercise in new planes of movements that most people are unaccustomed to. We put wieght across the bodies diagonal line and find balance at the end ranges.

  • Reach hand toward the sky
  • Control rotation with the core
  • Keep raised leg straight and above the floor.
  • Keep landing positions for both hands and feet consistent

Frog Jump x 20

The bear walk is a basic core stability exercise whilst moving the peripheral limbs. Here we challenge the body, in particular the shoulders stabilixing muscles, by moving laterally and crossing over our hands.

  • Keep back straight, hips inline with shoulders.
  • Keep knees 1 inch from the floor
  • Take small steps only a couple of inches
  • Cross hands but do not cross feet

Dragon Crawl x 20

The half arch is an advanced exercise of which the body is put into a fully extended position. You must use your rotational strength moving into positions. Once this is masterd we can move into a full arch.

  • Drive into the floors with a flat foot or on your toes.
  • Raise the hips until your hips are the peak hieght of your body
  • Point your stance hands fingers up and inwards
  • Look above yourself towards the ground and point the free arm towards the ground.

 Repeat x 2-3

For the first week aim to repeat the three exercises 2 -3 times every day. If you are having a long day just get 2 rounds done. Otherwise, we want 3 sets every time.

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