Bodyweight Chest Workout

Bodyweight Chest Workout

Below is a comprehensive list of exercises for a bodyweight chest workout. We provide detailed description and essential coaching cues to give you some essential tips so that you perform them safely and gain the benefits.


Bodyweight Chest Workout – Exercises and Coaching Cues


Wide Arm Horizontal Press-up


This Bodyweight chest exercise is very advanced as you need to have strength with a straigh elbow. The arm that is straight while you bend the opposition also pushes into the ground create upward force and stability about the body.


Coaching Cues

  • Straight arm – create tension throughout arm and shoulder.
  • Make the transition smooth.


Hands Backward Press-ups


A press-up variation the hands backward press-up means that the centre of gravity of your body moves further forward. This puts more stress on the lower chest. It also helps to improve you wrist mobilty.


Coaching Cues

  • Allow shoulder to move further forward than normal
  • Ensure there is no pain in your wrist.


Hands Outwards Press-ups


The hands outwards press-up is very simliar to the hands backwards press-up as you can change the stress on your chest comparible to normal press-ups. When you have the hands outwards the triceps do not work as much comparible to other hand positions. Making it a good intermediate level bodyweigth chest workout exercise.


Coaching Cues


  • Hand pointing lateral / perpendicular to the body
  • Hips, ankles and shoulder in one line.




Dips are a great stress for the chest as the stability and control is a major factor in the success of the movement. The angle of force stressed at the arm also stresses the chest at a different angle comparible to press-ups. Be careful however as it takes a few sessions to learn the neccessary stability while performing on the rings.


Coaching cues


  • Keep tension at the shoulder throughout the movement
  • Lower yourself until you shoulders are below the hieght of your elbows.


Dips 90-90


This dip variation is more advanced than traditional dips as the lever arm is put in a different direction which is harder to stabilize and produce more force at the shoulder. This bodyweight chest workout exercise is also one of the first regressions to performing the iron cross.


Coaching cues


  • Elbow move outwards laterally
  • Lower yourself until both the elbow and armpit is at 90 degrees
Dips Reverse Grip


One of the more advanced variations of dipping the dip reverse grip is much harder for the shoulder as it is completely externally rotated. Although, external rotation is naturally a much strong position, most individual are not accustomed to produc force in this position and some do not have the mobility to get there safely. The individuals chest is in a very stretched position and thus works in a muscular range that the individual may be unaccustomed to.


Coaching Cues


  • Keep elbows back
  • Create strong supportive tension at the shoulder
  • Keep legs straight.


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