Meet Coach Ed Young

Where did your fitness journey start?


I first started at College where I played rugby. I was driven to improve and become a better athlete and wanted to be involved on the world stage. Once I realised I was not going to play rugby for England I began my journey into coaching and started university studying sports science. A curiosity into improving the bodies performance was increased when seeing Usain Bolt destroy his competition at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I found myself extremely curious about how to improve the body but equally as confident in ability to problem solve and help people. After coaching some good hearted athletes and seeing how my role is pivotal in helping many lives I have continued my coaching development with a new aspiration to help a larger community of people.

Coach Edward Young from Circuits Pro

Why did you first start this project?


I first started this project so that I could share all the knowledge I have gained training elite level athletes with the people. Provide a service which is cost-effective and extremely successful in changing people lives through nutrition and movement.

How would you compare your product to others?


I feel that all products work and provide an opportunity for you to improve your body and health. What makes this project different is that we are investing in creating the tools to actually make it easier, more successful and change more lives. One of the most interesting stats around gyms is that 80% of gym members do not attend gyms regularly. Some gyms actually counting on this as if everybody went, there would be no room to do anything. The other factor is that we are invested in long-term success, building your confidence in taking control of your life and support you on whatever part of your journey you are on.

Hobbies and Interests


My hobbies and interests lie dominantly in immersing myself in new cultures, playing guitar and being in the ocean. I learnt to surf when I was living in Australia and fell in love with its rhythm and stepping out into the ocean everyday. I love music and have recently tried to learn salsa and bachatta dancing. It has been a tough start but I am driven by the curiosity of trying ne things to see if I will like them. This mindset motivates me when I start new things and get frustrated as a beginner. My future lies in both helping people through online coaching, living somewhere I can surf everyday and improving my musical skills.