FAB Challenge – Workout 2

FAB Challenge – Workout 2

 F – Bear Burpee x 20

The bear burpee is another great non-impact full body workout great for all abilitys. It looks easy but it is not. Remember to brace your core throughout to make it double as effective as a full body exercise.


  • Brace core through
  • End in a press-up position
  • Crawl up and down
  • Stand full upright at the start and end of each repetition

A – Single Leg Kickouts x 20

A great exercise for abdominal and pelvis control development. The single leg kickouts is one of our beginner supine (on your back) abdominal exercises. Every time you extend one leg the lever acting on your pelvis increase making it want to rotate downwards. Your abdominals must be strong and resist this force about the pelvis.


  • Brace abdominals throughout.
  • Try to relax lower back and keep tension in the abdominals.
  • Keep heels one inch from floor as you extend and flex your leg.

B – Sumo Squats x 20

Sumo squats are a fundamental lower body and glute development exercise. The wide stance of a sumo squat compared to a regular squat means that the quadriceps (muscles extending the knee) are used less and the glutes are a little more isolated.


  • Place feet wider than shoulder width.
  • Feet pointing 45 degrees outwards.
  • Lower body until upper thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Squeez butt as hard as possible at top of movement.

Repeat 3 – 4 times

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