FAB Challenge – Workout 3

FAB Challenge – Workout 3

F – Touch Floor Touch Sky X 20

As performed in week 1, the touch the floor and touch the sky exerise is a great non-impact full body exercise where any ability can work at there own tempo. Now that we are in week 3 of the programme it is a great gage to see your improvements in fitness compared to week one.


  • Stretch tall and brace abs
  • Keep ack straight when touching floor
  • Feet positioned just outside shoulders

A – Double Leg Kickouts X 20

Double leg kickouts are the advanced version of the single leg kickouts performed in workout 1. Here the weight of 2 legs is greater than 1 therefore more stress is put on the core to resist the weight and keep the pelvis stable.


  • Stretch legs out as far as possible.
  • Put hands under the side of hips if it is too difficult.
  • Try to reduce the activity in your lower back by focusing more on your abdominals.

B – Backwards Lunge X 20

The backwards lunge isthe perfect lower body exercise to focus on glute development. The glutes play a pivotal role in raise the body from a lunge position. As well as this, it is great to work on you balance and using your core to aid you.


  • Keep upper torso vertical
  • Step back keeping your foot straight
  • Stand up straight to reset each repetition

B – Lunge Bounces X 20

Lunge bounces is another great exercise which focuses on the buttocks! The range of which you perform muscular contractions aims to focus around the glutes pushing you upwards.


  • Keep upper torso vertical
  • Step back keeping your foot straight
  • Try to raise front foot off the ground every jump

REPEAT X 3 – 4

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