FAB Challenge – Workout 4

FAB Challenge – Workout 4

F – Burpees x 20

Burpees are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises out there. They take a lot of energy and take time to be ablet to perform without getting too fatigued. However, once you get into a rhythm with both your body and your breath, it can become a lot easier.


  • Jump up with hand behinds the head every repetition
  • End in a press-up position
  • Brace core throughout
  • Try to find a rhythm with your breath.

A – Leg Raises x 20

Leg Raises are one of the more advance core exercises we have. They require a lot of abdominal strength but also give the most reward for performing them. Make sure you support your back as much as possible by bracing the abdominals.


  • Put hands behind pelvis for suppport if needed
  • For more advanced put arms straight above head
  • Brace abs throughout not just at the bottom.
  • Get heels 1 inche from the floor. Do not touch the floor

B – Sumo Squat Jumps

One of our favourite glute development exercises, the sumo squat jump calls upon the buttocks to propel us in the air and then catch us falling. The next day you will feel the work of which the glute have done 🙂


  • Keep hands to the side.
  • Try to lower body until thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Straighten legs completely when jumping

B – Bridges

For the final workout of the FAB Challenge we have added an extra glute development exercise. This additional exercise focuses almost completely on the glutes and provides an added stress so that we can burn more calories in the most efficient way.


  • Squeeze butt at the top of each repetition
  • Raise hips until thighs are in line with torso
  • Push off a flat foot or heel


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