Flexibility Workout – Top Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Workout – Top Flexibility Exercises

This flexibility workout is an easy to follow routine of my favorite flexibility exercises. I prefer dynamic movements of the whole body. In this way you can feel specific areas which are tight its relationship to the movement of the rest of the body. The more aware of your body you become the better you can train it. A big focus for me is opening up the chest/hips and improving hamstring flexibility. If you can join this tye of flexibility workout with a one of our dynamic bodyweight workouts, the bodies potential for performance and health is dramatically improved.

Flexibility Workout Exercises

  1. Wide Stance Hip Bend.
  2. Hamstring Rolls
  3. Hamstring Kickouts
  4. Sliding Side Lunges
  5. Foot to Hand Back Twists
  6. Double Knee Twists
  7. Foot to Hand Belly Twists
  8. Monkey Squat
  9. Spiderman Lunge
  10. Elbow to Floor Touches
  11. Scapular Retractions
  12. Dynamic  Childs Pose
  13. Standing Shoulder Blade Rotations
  14. Bear Hugs
  15. Dynamic Back Stretch
  16. Dynamic Pec Stretch
Why work on flexibility?

Your body knows the most efficient way it can move. However, when you have some must shortened/tight and some muscles weak/lengthened your body can no longer move freely to the positions which would be the most efficient/the best at producing force. We then compensate by flexing or extending and overusing joints that should be working to perform certain movements. After the 100th time of performing a simple movement, like picking up a suitcase, the body can break. Work on your flexibility and then strength your new body with a free flowing bodyweight workout.

Flexibility in Sports

Having worked across many different sports I can say that sports that really have high importance and a great culture around flexibility are athletics, weightlifting, athletics and rowing. These sports can see a directly resemblance to performance whereby we can clearly define positions an athlete needs to achieve i.e. the snatch bottom position in weightlifting or full extension of the hip during sprinting. Other sports however need to dramatically increase the component of flexibility to improve thier respective athletes health, future careers and current performance. An amatuer rugby team will consisting perform 2 minutes of stretch at the end of a vigorous game (if that?) whereas an athletics athlete may perform 15-30 minutes stretching after every session. Do we have to educate on an individual, team or cultural level to achieve better performances and healthier future lives.


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