How to increase hip mobility

How to increase hip mobility


Learning how to increase hip mobility is extremely important for any athlete or indivdual who wants to keep the body in balance without any overcompensation. The routine above is a very quick and easy way to see immediate improvements in how to increase hip mobility.


Left side….


Spiderman Lunge – hold 20s

Spiderman Lunge – Backwards and Forwards x 20

Spiderman Lunge – hold forward at end range – 20s

Spiderman Lunge – Side to side with knee x 20

Spiderman Lunge – Hold knee to the side – 20s

Spiderman Lunge – Opposite elbow down – Hand to the sky – 20s

Spiderman Lunge – Passive leg movement with free hand x 20


Repeat on right side



The exercise in this video are done with a resistance band which helps to place the femur into a better position in the hip joint however, the exercises below are very effective without a resistance band.