Inspirational Movie Speeches for Work

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Below are our top inspirational movie speeches for work. From Rocky to Will Smith, take a look at each video to find your favourite motivational speech to keep you going on your 9 to 5 or take that leap of faith to your next step in life.


Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something.”

“You got a dream…you got to protect it…”

This movie overall is an inspiration to anyone who it aspiring towards somehting bigger than there current situation for any element of there life – family, relationship, career, spiritual or financial. The moment in the scene whereby Will Smith realises what he has just says to hisself is pivotal. His statement to his sun are the words that he himself needs to hear. You got a dream, you need to protect it. People will try to stop you.

Find you reason – Rocky 

A beatiful scene whereby Rocky is reminsicing after the death of his beloved coach Micky. The memory of Micky giving his story of how Rocky has inspired him to keep living is inspirational and, for me, it highlight our need to find that same reason. To have a vision and future to live for.

Soul vs Institution – Scent of a Woman

A scene which motivates me due to Al Pacino’s bravery in saying what was right thee in front of everyone. It motivates me through this courage and the statement of being a good person and not bending your own values to anything. No matter how  big the pressure is to do so.

Do not judge a book by it’s cover – Good Will Hunting

Dont judge a book by its cover. The depths of peoples lives is endless. Intimitantly knowing an individual is a gift and a priviledge. This speech motivates me not only to respect everyones personal story but to take the time to build trust and get to know the. Scientist say we instantly make a judgemetn of who that person is after 3 seconds of seeing the, not even talking. It is for the brave to question their own judgements.

Live in that moment – Friday Night Lights

After a stuggling start to their system the Panthers team start to bond and work together. They find themselve in the state championship losing at half-time. Here their coach motivates them not with the external reward of winning but the internal reward of fighting for it and giving your best shot.

Human Existence – The Great Dictator

For me, the most powerful speech which such emotive words. The film was made in 1938 after the World War 2 Munich agreement. The amazing fact is that the words are still so true for the complex lives we live today. This by far is one of the top inspirational movie speeches for work.

The world aint sunshine and rainbows – Rocky Balboa (2006)

“The world ain’t sunshine and rainbows.”

“It ain’t how hard you can hit but its how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

My favourite inspirational movie speeches for work, this power speech by the infamous motivator Rocky Balboa has some pivotal motivation around fighting for what you want and not giving up. Things will delay you, try to stop and try to change your mind, but you must just roll with the punches and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Learn from your past – The Lion King

A great childhood motivational quote from the Lion King. We must not run from our past but learn from. No matter how strong those emotions are they are a part of you but do not own you. Use the things you learn to develop yourselves and educate others.

Room full of winners – Wolf of Wall Street

Minus the drugs and illegal activities associated with this scene and you have one hell of a coach create a unity around being a role model to his employees and motivating them around a collective goal… MONEY.

Thick Skin and Beginners Mindset – Mulan

A little out of theme but Mulan’s training montage is one of the greatest motivators. A young woman trying to become and equal in a mans world. She faces constant challenges and ridicule for being weak from her colleages and commander. When being asked to leave she showed her thick skin in not letting their words define her and her ability. She overcomes this and shows us the need to have a beginners mindset. All beginners, will be bad at first but the only rule is to perserver and break through all the barriers inside you mind that tells you to give-up and that you are no good. Accept the status and confidence decrease of being a beginner in any project or new job you start and you will over time be the better for it.


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