How to lose fat fast

How to lose fat fast



Step 1 – Detox your liver


Your liver is a very powerful organ which filters out many hormones and toxins from your blood to keep your body in balance. When the liver is stressed or inflamed due to a high intake of toxins (alcohol, burnt food, nicotine, caffeine and processed foods) the body stores the toxins in fat where they cannot harm it. In order to remove the fat the liver must be healthy and ready to take on these toxins. If it is not, the body will not release the toxins through the breakdown of fat.


Fix – Detox liver with 10 days with limited intake of toxins – alcohol, burnt food, nicotine, caffeine and processed foods.



Step 2 – Cut out the sugar


High GI foods (chocolate, sugar, pastry, etc.) can cause many problems in the body. Firstly, in relation to step 1 it causes great stress on the liver. Secondly, when blood sugar reaches a certain level insulin is released and stores the excess energy as fat. You must avoid foods that are going to spike your insulin and cause energy to be stored as fat.


Fix – eat low GI slow releasing carbohydrates like quinoa, bulgar wheat, sweet potato and rice as your source of carbohydrates.


Step 3 – Energy intake vs expenditure


A very simple equation, if you are eating more than you are expending through movement and basic bodily functions then your energy balance is in the positive. If you are expending more energy than you are eating then this creates a negative energy balance. This means the body will used your stored energy, predominantly fat, to balance out the deficit.


Fix – Try to improve your calorie deficit by 100 per day by increasing your activity or reducing your intake. Perform a bodyweight workout to increase your expenditure.


Step 4 – Drink water


Replace all sugary drinks, coffee and tea with water and non-caffeinated drinks. This will firstly help detox the body and liver. The brain also has a hard time differentiating the difference between thirst and hunger. This means we are commonly eating when we are in fact thirsty. Drink a glass of water when you get up, before every meal and before you go to bed.  Do not let your food dreams and cravings get the better of this situation. This is one of the biggest tips into how to lose fat fast.


Fix – Aim to drink 35ml x bodyweight (kg) per day. Average female 76kg = 2.5L per day

An average male – 88kg = 3L per day.





Drink more water

Detox your liver

Perform a bodyweight workout 3 times per week

Decrease your energy intake

Cut out sugar


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