Movement Rules

Rule 1  – Perform a range of activities 5 times per week.

Rule 2 – Do things you enjoy and socialise.

Rule 3 – Work on your weaknesses.

Rule 4 – Perform high intensity interval training once per week.

RULE 1 – Perform a range of activities 5 x per week

Fluctuating the intensity of your training throughout the week is a common training practice with elite level athletes. It allows you to keep motivation high for harder sessions and decrease the risk of burning out by performing too much of the same thing. Training 30 minutes, 5 x per week can elicit a wide range of physiological benefits including reduced rates of all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, breast and colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes (Lee et al., 2012) Physical activity also has a positive effect on health related quality of life through improving subjective well-being (Rejeski et al., 2001).


Watch video on 30 minutes of exercise a day

RULE 2 – Work on your weaknesses

Performing our bodyweight training programmes a minimum x 2 per week is the perfect compliment to other training and aims to isolate common weaknesses and move forward in a constructive pattern. Modern day lifestyle means we have all become weak in some critical areas affecting our bodies health. We move in monthly stages to provide a platform. Ensuring we strengthen all components and movement patterns in the body. See more on our progressive body weight programme.


Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Movement Patterns
Box SquatsSquatsSquat Jumps
Knee Press-upsPress-upsAdvanced Press-ups
Hip BendSingle Leg Hip Bend
Develop Stabilizers – Shoulders and HipsDevelop balanceDevelop dynamic balance
Develop Core Endurance while stationaryDevelop Core Endurance with movement of limbsMaintain core endurance
Increase Glute ActivationIncrease glute strength enduranceMaintain glue health and endurance
RULE 3 – Do things you enjoy and socialise

Enjoyment and social interaction is important as it is proven to increase sustainability of a programme and longevity of lifestyle changes. Social interaction with your peers combined with physical activity has also proven to increase rate of recovery from injury. Some even highly regard a good social network (not social media) as a key component to preventative medicine. However, you must create a social regime around healthy habits and movement rather than unhealthy habits such as drinking and eating fast food. We can class movement into different types of energy and each individual usually enjoys expressing their energy in a certain way.


RULE 4 – HIIT – Increase your metabolism and Cardiovascular Heath

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and has been proven to increase metabolism and rapidly increase cardiovascular fitness (2). One study even showed that performing 1 minute of intense HIIT exercise 3 x per week is enough to elicit health benefits (3). The only drawback to HIIT is that it can be tough to motivate yourself to do well. As a result we recommended performing our HIIT workouts only once per week to ensure your work is sustainable.