FAB Challenge in partnership with the Karibbean Kollective

FAB Workout Plans Circuits Pro

In partnership with the Karibbean Kollective, Circuits Pro have created a new 30 day bodyweight challenge called the FAB Challenge . The goal of the beachbody challenge is to bond a community of like-minded individual to motivate each other to follow the workouts and enjoy looking after their bodies using our bodyweight workouts. The workouts will be challenging but also provide simple regressions so that you can perform the exercise that better suits your current ability.


Founded by Coach Ed Young, Circuits Pro bodyweight training provides an alternative way to train the body for health, strength and performance. To perform all of our workouts you need no weights and very little equipment. It is important to us that you find an area where you can separate yourself from other areas of your life, focus and improve the relationship between you and your body.


Each circuit is repeated a number relative to the skill of the individual. We try to move away from tradition exercises and add complex but easy to learn bodyweight exercises that explore the bodies ability to move efficiently and produce force. Each bodyweight workout is an opportunity to find new weaknesses and wakeup old movement patterns.


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FAB Challenge Workouts


For our 30 day beach body challenge we ask you to perform a small 20 minute workout 6 days per week for 4 weeks. Sunday is a rest day ūüôā Each workout is broken down into FAB exercises. Full body, Abdominals and Buttocks.

Week One – Workout One


F – Touch Floor Touch Sky x 20

A – Crucifix Sit-ups x 20

B – Single Leg Bridges x 20


Repeat x 2-3

FAb challenge bodyweight workout week 1

Week Two – Workout Two


F –¬†Bear Burpee¬†x 20

A – Single Leg Kickouts x 20

  РSit-ups x 20

B – Sumo Squats x20


Repeat x 2-3

FAB Challenge - Bodyweight Workout with Circuits Pro

Week Three – Workout Three


F РTouch Floor Touch Sky x 20

A – Double Leg Kickouts x 20

B – Backwards Lunge x 20

  РLunge Bounces x 20


Repeat x 3-4

FAB Challenge Bodyweight Workout

Week Four – Workout Four


F – Burpees x 20

A – Leg Raises x 20

B – Sumo Squat Jumps x 20

  РBridges x 20

Repeat x 3-4