Nutrition Rules


Rule 1 – Eat specific to your energy needs


Rule 2 – Eat to stay full and avoid high energy, fast releasing foods.


Rule 3 – Stay hydrated

RULE 1 – Eat required amount of energy

Losing or gaining weight is a simple equation of energy in and energy out. In order to lose weight we must have an energy deficit – more energy expended than taken in through food and drink. Over time this small daily deficit then accumulates to more and more weight loss and the breakdown of fat as a source of energy. In order maintain muscle mass whilst performing this we must ensure protein intake is high. We aim for 30% of our calories from protein sources.

RULE 2 – Feel fuller for longer & minimise sugary snacks.

The body has a limit to how much energy it can process at any one time. When this limit is broken, the hormone insulin is released and the excess energy is stored as fat. Snacks and meals high in protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre are not only perfect for slowly releasing energy into our body but also increase the feeling of being full for longer. Helping you to avoid high energy snacking throughout the day. See our meals and snack recipes and plan your week in advanced.

RULE 3 – Be fully hydrated throughout the day

It is very common for an individual to miss there recommended water intake. Being just a little dehydrated leads to a decrease in physical performance and mental function leading to a less than optimum day. More relevant to your nutrition is that the brain has a hard time differentiating thirst from hunger. As a result we commonly eat or snack when we are in fact thirsty.