Training for Trekking

Trekking is an extremely enjoyable experience whereby you can immerse yourself in nature and be far away from man-made structures and the stresses of normal life. In order to get to this amazing environment we must use our own body to walk a range of distances over various terrain and gradients. Although many hikes are for all abilities it is a good idea to start with a basic level of fitness so that you can better enjoy the views and not be distracted by your tired legs.



Trekker Bodyweight Workout


20 x Touch Floor Touch Sky


The touch floor touch the sky exercises is an amazing full-body exercise. It allows you to work the full body with minimal impact through your joints which means anyone with an injury or who is more heavy set can perform this safely.

Key Coaching Cues

  • Keep back straight
  • Stretch as tall as possible
  • Brace core through


20 x Sit-ups


The sit-up is one of our essential core exercises. We have prescribed 20 repetitions which means it may take a few days to adapt and be able to complete the set in one setting. There is no problem in this, the only factor is completing the repetitions. I do not care how long it takes.


Key Coaching Cues

  • Keep head raised
  • Stretch arms to the side when down
  • Bring arms to knees but do not touch your legs when coming up.
  • Stretch legs as far as possible when down


20 x Single Leg Bridges


Bridges are a fundamentally glute development exercise. The glutes are the butt muscles. That means the bridge exercise is a fundamental butt development exercise. If you feel your hamstring muscles working too much when performing this, slow down and try to focus on getting the butt muscles to perform more of the effort.

Coaching Cues

  • Drive into the floors with a flat foot or on your heels. Not on your toes.
  • Raise the hips until your thighs are inline with your torso.
  • Keep your back straight so that during the top position only your shoulders are on the ground.


20 x Backwards Lunges


The backwards lunge is the perfect lower body exercise to focus on glute development. The glutes play a pivotal role in raise the body from a lunge position. As well as this, it is great to work on you balance and using your core to aid you. Mimicking the control needed to climb some steep gradients, this exercise is our number one for getting ready to trek.


Coaching Tips


  • Keep upper torso vertical
  • Step back keeping your foot straight
  • Stand up straight to reset each repetition


20 x Lunge Bounces


Lunge bounces is another great exercise which focuses on the buttocks! The range of which you perform muscular contractions aims to focus around the glutes pushing you upwards.


Coaching Tips


  • Keep upper torso vertical
  • Step back keeping your foot straight
  • Try to raise front foot off the ground every jump


20 x Single Leg Kickouts


A great exercise for abdominal and pelvis control development. The single leg kickouts is one of our beginner supine (on your back) abdominal exercises. Every time you extend one leg the lever acting on your pelvis increase making it want to rotate downwards. Your abdominals must be strong and resist this force about the pelvis.


Coaching Cues


  • Brace abdominals throughout.
  • Try to relax lower back and keep tension in the abdominals.
  • Increase force of contraction when leg is extended.
  • Keep heels one inch from floor as you extend and flex your leg.







Coach Ed Young, Instagram – @Circuitspro, FB – @Circuitspro

Director of Circuits Pro, International Strength and Conditioning Coach


Coach Young has worked for the last 10 years with the ambition to further understand our bodies, their ultimate potential and how to better help people to improve the relationship with their own body. Our busy lives have left us disconnected to both our bodies and the natural environment around us. Our priorities are to pay the bills before really being conscious of how we are feeling both mentally and physically. He aims to grow a community of individuals willing to break this cycle and reconnect and explore their bodies once again. Try a bodyweight workout free today.



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